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Pastor D Letter 11-30-20

Pastor D’s Letter Special Edition November 30, 2020 

Yesterday in worship we began the Season of Advent.  Advent is the four weeks before Christmas when we celebrate the birth of our Savior and Lord, Jesus.  Advent helps us to anticipate and prepare for the coming of the Lord.  And while it is a celebration of the birth of Christ Jesus, we also look forward to His return (the “Second Coming”) when he comes in full glory as the King of kings. 

Advent is always a bit crazy – and special.  There are lights to see, special shows to watch, Children’s programs, and caroling, not to mention lots of shopping, baking and family time.  This year it will be even crazier.  We are tied in even more of a knot as we put into the Advent activity mix – dealing with Covid 19.  It makes you feel like this: 


Yes, that is a Pretzel.  A Pretzel is usually a symbol used during Lent.  But I think that this year, the twists of a Pretzel reflect well the feeling of being tied in knots because of the uncertainty of our life today.  A Pretzel is made of flour and water and represents fasting and prayer (the twist looks like a person with arms crossed in prayer).   

That is why the Pretzel is a great Advent symbol this year, it calls us to pray to the one who can calm our fears.  As I have spoken with people (many of you) fear is the theme I hear repeated over and over again.  When I reflect on the Birth narrative of Jesus, fear plays a prominent part as well.  Over and over again, God tells those to whom he sends messengers (angels) “DO NOT BE AFRAID!”  Beginning this Advent, we are going to look at what God’s word says to us about being afraid.  I hope you will join us in worship (or on Facebook live - by the way it’s public and you do not need a Facebook account to watch) as we hear God say to those He calls into relationship with Him:  DO NOT BE AFRAID! 

December 6, 2020          Zechariah 

December 13, 2020        Mary 

December 20, 2020        Joseph 

December 24, 2020        Shepherds 

December 27, 2020        Simeon 

The new year will continue our theme of the one who is the light of the world bringing peace to our troubled hearts and calming our fears.   

While it is only Advent, I still want to say, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!  May the peace of Christ be with you always! 

See you on Sunday if not before, 

Dr. D