Sierra Vista Scouting


Sierra Vista Scouting offers a comprehensive program each Wednesday for boys and girls of all ages from Kindergarten to High School.

Each Wednesday our program begins with a family style dinner followed by activities for the entire family.  Dinner starts at 5:30 pm and offers a nutritious complete meal.  The suggested donation for the meal is $3.00 per person or a maximum of $10.00 per family each week.  The first Wednesday of each month we have a potluck meal where everyone brings a dish to share.

After dinner is complete, the youth go to their respective age appropriate Boy and Girl Scout meetings.  The ages and groups are listed below:

Sierra Vista Scouting



  • 1 Tiger Cubs
  • 2 Wolf Cubs
  • 3 Bear Cubs
  • 4-5 Webelos
  • 6 – High school Boy Scout Troop


  • K-1 Daisy
  • 2-3 Brownie
  • 4-5 Juniors
  • 6-8 Cadettes
  • High school Seniors

With this program, we offer a one-night and one-stop opportunity for the entire family.  While the youth are attending scouting activities, there will be opportunities for the adults.  We offer Bible studies and if the interest is expressed we can offer other study opportunities for the adults.  If the adults so desire they can spend the time assisting with the scouting activities, visiting with other adults, or just hanging out.  Full family participation is encouraged.

We hope to see you on a Wednesday evening to check us out.

Location:  Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church,

150 West 28th Street, Yuma AZ  85364

For more information:

On Sierra Vista Scouting program contact Glen Moss at 580-7005 or Harold Maxwell at 726-8759. 

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